Cargojet specializes in providing first-class, dependable air cargo charter services tailored to meet your unique requirements.
Whether you're dealing with outsized machinery hazardous materials, valuable goods, or urgent humanitarian aid, our dedicated team is here to ensure your cargo reaches it's destination efficiently and securely. With a commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering a seamless and personalized experience for every customer.

Reliability at it’s core: We understand the importance of reliability of cargo transportation. Count on us to provide a trustworthy and consistent service that meets the highest industry standards. 

Tailored Services: No two shipments are alike, and neither their requirements. Our cargo charter services are customizable to accommodate the specific needs of your cargo, whether it’s oversize, hazardous or of high values. Learn more about our service offerings below. 

Global Reach: With a network of partners and resources across the globe, Cargojet can facilitate cargo charters to virtually any destination, providing you with unparalleled access to international markets. 

Dedicated Support: From the moment you engage with us, our team is committed to providing you with exceptional support. Our experts are available to assist you throughout the entire shipment process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

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Time Critical Charters

In situations demanding immediate action, our 'Go Now' service offers time-critical charters, ensuring swift and efficient transportation to your destination. This service is designed for urgent situations where time is of the essence, providing rapid deployment of aircraft to meet your immediate needs.

Charters for Your Sensitive Cargo

Our Dangerous Goods charter service is tailored for transporting sensitive and hazardous cargo. Complying with strict safety protocols and regulations, we ensure the secure and specialized transportation of dangerous goods, providing a reliable solution for the shipment of such materials.

Charters for Your Large Freight

For oversized and heavy cargo, our charter service accommodates large freight that traditional means of transportation cannot handle. We specialize in providing efficient and secure transport solutions for bulky and heavy shipments to meet your specific logistical requirements.

Get Aid to Those Who Need It Urgently

In times of crisis, our humanitarian and relief charters swiftly deliver aid to regions in need. With a commitment to urgency and efficiency, we facilitate the rapid transportation of relief supplies, ensuring timely assistance to communities affected by natural disasters, conflicts, or emergencies.

Charters to Difficult to Reach Destinations

Our charter service to remote destinations caters to areas that are challenging to access through conventional means. With a focus on overcoming geographical barriers, we provide reliable and customized solutions to deliver goods and services to the most isolated and challenging locations.

Charter Solutions for Grounded Aircraft

When an aircraft faces an AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situation, our AOG solutions swiftly arrange alternative aircraft to ensure minimal disruption. We provide fast and effective charter solutions to overcome unexpected aircraft maintenance issues, ensuring your operations continue without interruption.

Quick and Safe Charters for Animals

Our animal transportation service prioritizes the welfare of live cargo. Whether transporting pets, livestock, or other animals, we ensure quick and safe charters, providing specialized care and attention to meet the unique requirements of animal transportation.

Pharmaceutical Specific Charter Solutions

Tailored for sensitive pharmaceutical goods, our charter solutions for pharmaceutical transport prioritize temperature control, security, and efficiency. We provide specialized aircraft and handling to ensure the safe and timely delivery of pharmaceutical products, maintaining the integrity of the cargo throughout the journey.

Charter for Key Personnel or Time-Sensitive Cargo

For the automotive industry, our charter service caters to the transportation needs of key personnel or time-sensitive cargo. Whether it's critical components, prototypes, or personnel movements, we provide flexible and reliable charter solutions to meet the dynamic demands of the automotive sector.

Time Sensitive and Secure Aircraft Charters

Our emergency response charters deliver time-sensitive and secure transportation solutions. With a focus on rapid mobilization, we ensure the swift deployment of aircraft to support emergency response efforts, providing critical services during crises.

Supporting Freight Forwarders with Logistical Requirements:

Our charter services support freight forwarders by addressing their unique logistical requirements. We provide efficient and flexible solutions to facilitate the transportation of goods, ensuring a seamless supply chain for freight forwarders and their clients.

Individual or Large Charter Programmes for Governments:

Tailoring our services to governmental needs, we offer individual or large charter programs to meet diverse requirements. From diplomatic missions to official delegations, our government-focused charters ensure secure and reliable transportation solutions.

Providing Aircraft Charters for the Music Industries

Catering to the music industry, our charter services are customized to meet the unique demands of transporting equipment, personnel, and artists. We offer specialized solutions for concert tours, festivals, and other music-related events, ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience.

Personnel and Cargo Solutions for the Industry

Specifically designed for the oil and gas industry, our charter services provide personnel and cargo solutions to support the dynamic needs of the sector. Whether it's transporting personnel to remote sites or delivering critical equipment, we offer reliable and efficient solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Tailored Aircraft Charters for Production

Our charter services for the film, TV, and media industry are tailored to meet the unique demands of production. From transporting film crews and equipment to coordinating travel for media events, we provide customized solutions to ensure the seamless execution of production plans.

Arranging Charters for Sporting Events, Organizations & Athletes

For the sports industry, our charter services arrange transportation for sporting events, organizations, and athletes. Whether it's team travel, equipment transport, or athlete movements, we provide flexible and reliable solutions to meet the specific needs of the sports sector.

Wet, Damp (ACMI), Dry and Hybrid Lease Contracts for Airlines

Our aircraft leasing services offer a range of lease contracts, including wet, damp (ACMI), dry, and hybrid leases, tailored to the needs of airlines. Providing flexible options, we support airlines with cost-effective and reliable leasing solutions to meet their operational requirements.
Experience specialized care for temperature-sensitive perishables when you choose our shipping services. Safeguard the freshness of your fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, meat, lobster, fish, and other pre-packaged seafood throughout the journey. Our tailored service levels ensure precise temperature control, allowing you to maintain the optimal conditions for your products. Trust us to deliver your perishables with the utmost attention to temperature sensitivity, preserving their quality from origin to destination.

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