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Cargojet Announces $2.5 Million Pandemic Support & Social Justice Initiative

August 6, 2020, Mississauga, Ontario – Cargojet today announced that it is contributing $2.5 million to the Cargojet Foundation with the goal of supporting three key initiatives:

  1. Direct support to local healthcare communities in fighting COVID 19 – From helping health care institutions better prepare to cope with a potential second wave to enabling vaccination as soon as a safe vaccine is available, the initiative will identify and fund the most compelling needs for the healthcare community such as testing, treatment and research.
  2. Support measures to combat racial inequality by helping under privileged communities and social justice incentives. 
  3. Support the most vulnerable groups of our society that are particularly hard hit by the ongoing pandemic.

“This pandemic has exposed several weak spots in our society. From the limitations of the healthcare system to the fragility of life for the most vulnerable members of our communities” noted Mr. Ajay Virmani, President and CEO of Cargojet.
“Cargojet is proud to have one of the most diverse workforces in the country but what has become even more important is to raise the collective bar. There is more we can do to support racial equality in professions where ethnic minorities form a much smaller portion of workforce. Therefore, supporting those who may not have the opportunity to pursue certain careers at an early education stage is vitally important.”
“While we have been able to operate our business and maintain every job and growing, we are acutely aware that many other businesses are not in the same situation. Therefore, supporting our communities and giving back is an essential part of who we are as a company” concluded Mr. Virmani.

About Cargojet Foundation
Cargojet Foundation, a registered charitable entity, was launched last year with the core mandate of supporting the most vulnerable members of the communities we live and work all across Canada. The Foundation will raise funds through Cargojet employee giving campaigns and through special events designed to engage broader partners of Cargojet network. Cargojet’s $2.5 million donation will allow the Foundation to expand its core mandate to address issues surfaced by the pandemic.

About Cargojet
Cargojet is Canada’s leading provider of time sensitive premium overnight air cargo services and carries over 8,000,000 pounds of cargo weekly. Cargojet operates its network across North America each business night serving 15 major cities, and selected international destinations.  Cargojet owns a fleet of 26 aircraft.

For further information, please contact:

Pauline Dhillon
Executive Vice President
Tel: (905) 501 7373

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